I have a customer in Vestavia that recently had an issue with ants invading her kitchen counter every time someone left open food packaging or food residue such as crumbs or spills.  She was amazed at how quickly and effortlessly ants found their way inside like magic.

It’s not magic but biology that allows them to find a food source.  Ants actually send scouts to forage for food and when they find it, they release pheromone signals that lead other members of the colony to it.   

It’s obvious to say you shouldn’t leave crumbs or other food residue for ants to find.  But what about those times when they show up when there’s no food to be found?

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Brush that’s too close to doors and windows can be a major avenue for ants.

You have to keep in mind that ants can find the most miniscule quantity of food and they also have the exceptional ability to sense food that’s sealed in packages and containers.  I’ve had customers think that ants in Alabama have this exclusive talent but they’re like that everywhere. 

I’ve even seen on rare occasions when they have chewed through plastic packaging to access starchy foods such as potato chips.  I’ve also on many occasions seen them invade closets where they can feed off of dead skin cells, starches, and dead insects among other things.

A quick solution:  You can use a small mixture of bleach and water (2 to 3 parts water and 1 part bleach) to wipe off your counters to break the pheromone trail and stop them from invading.  This is usually temporary but minimizes the problem and sometimes will stop them altogether. 

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