A big part of pest management is
maintaining your living environment so you don’t invite unwanted
visitors.  Here you’ll find several useful tips and bits of
information that will minimize pest problems in your home and on your

Recycled Buffet

If ant’s could talk, they would
tell you they support recycling.  It’s obvious why.  The
residue of sugary soda cans and food keep them well fed. 

Move recycling bins away from your home or more effectively, wash out
the contents of cans and other items as you dispose of them.

As The Fruit Flies

In the summer months, fresh fruit on the
counter looks just like grammas house.  However, you have to be
mindful that as that fruit ripens it ferments and attracts fruit flies.
Dispose of over ripe fruit.  Clean up spilled juice. Store garbage
with empty juice containers outside.  Last of all keep fruit that
can be refrigerated in the fridge.

I See the Light

If you can see the outside light
shinning through doors or windows it’s time to seal them up.  Use
replacement weather stripping or purchase aftermarket products from
hardware stores. 

Duct tape is unsightly but might be a good temporary fix until you’re
able to find a permanent solution.

A Bridge Too Far

Small trees and other brush provide a
bridge for ants and spiders, allowing them access to your home. 

Keep them trimmed at least a foot away from your home.  Keep larger
trees trimmed to prevent roof rats and squirrels from accessing your