Spiders are commonly thought of as an insect.  But they’re actually classified as arachnids.   Adult arachnids have eight legs and that’s what easily distinguishes them from insects which have six legs.  Most species that
live in the Birmingham area and throughout Alabama don’t pose a serious health risk to humans.

There are two species that we see in Jefferson and Shelby Counties that are venomous.  The brown recluse and black widow spiders.

Brown recluse spiders will often inhabit dark areas such as closets, inside boxes, or any area that is cluttered and undisturbed.  Its most identifiable charcteristic is the violin shape on its upper side.

Black widow spiders are often found in dark moist areas outdoors and can be found in basements and crawlspaces.  Its most identifiable characteristic is the red hour glass shape on its upper side.

Both the brown recluse and black widow have a venomous bite that may require medical attention.

Spiders are categorized as occasional invaders in the context of pests. They are protien feeding creatures, meaning they feed off of insects as opposed to sugar or human food debris.

Other common species to central Alabama are the wolf spider and the black and yellow garden spider.

Spiders invade homes in the birmingham area more abundantly in the spring and summer but can found in homes during winter months also when the temperature fluxuates up and down.

black widow spider found in jefferson shelby county alabama  brown recluse sipder found in jefferson shelby counties

wolfe spider found in central alabama   

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