Fleas are external parasites that live off of the blood of birds and mammals.  Fleas can jump vertically up to 12 inches and horizontally up to 13 inches.  They have very tough bodies which makes squeezing or mashing them insufficient to kill.

Their life cycle begins when the female lays after feeding. Eggs are laid in batches of up to 20. They take around two days to two weeks to hatch.  Their primary goal is to find blood and then to reproduce.

Their life cycle can be as short as two weeks and as long as a year and a half.  Female fleas can lay 5000 or more eggs over their lifespan.  It takes average of 30 to 90 days to reach adulthood.

Flea infestations in the home will often originate due to the presence of a pet without an effective flea control treatment.  They can however infest homes through proximity by a flea laying its eggs after jumping on a persons clothes.  The eggs will then fall onto carpet fibers inside the home and establishing a popluation there.

Fleas infestations can occur any time of year but is more common in late summer such as August here in the Birmingham area.



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