Welcome to our Pest Library.  We’ve provided the links below for
specific information on the most common household pests in the Birmingham area.  For more complete information on the subject of pests, we’ve included a link to pestworld.org.  Pestworld.org is brought to you by the National Pest Management Association and is filled with short articles on a wide variety of pests and other wildlife that you may be interested in.

This is where a homeowner can learn the truth about pesticides, termite
baiting, West Nile Virus and Camel Spiders. You can learn about
beneficial insects, the benefits of lizards in your garden, and the
benefits of maintaining a neat and well trimmed property to keep pests

You can also learn about pest exclusion and the benefit it offers or
about ultrasonic pest repelling devices and the truth on whether or not
they provide any actual reduction of pests.  It’s an excellent
resource so feel free to click on the banner below to visit Pestworld.org.










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