How long has ETX Pest Management been in

We have been in business since 1993.

Are you Licensed & Insured?

Yes.  It is State Law according the Alabama Dept. of
Agriculture and Industries that you have a state permit for
professional services and be insured.

What areas of Jefferson & Shelby Counties do you

Please see the
list of zip codes for the areas that we service.

How often do you recommend an ongoing

For most homes, once every three months.  We offer a discount
for customers with a quarterly service.

Do you perform One Time Services?


If I have any problems between now and my next
service will I be charged for a re-service?

No.  We don’t charge for re-services for customers that are on
a quarterly or monthly service plan.

Will you notify me when it is time for my
next service?

Yes.  It’s our responsibility to notify you when your next
service is due.

How soon can I expect service when I call to
schedule an appointment?

We usually respond to service request and provide service within 2
business days or sooner. This does depend upon the time of year and
how busy our workload is at the time.

What is the fastest way for me to contact you if I need

The mobile phone number of your technician.
Ask them directly or call our office if you don’t have it.

I’m moving to another home that’s still in your
service area.  Will I be charged a fee to transfer my service to my
new home?

No.  We’re happy to transfer your
service to your new home.

Can I be billed for my service?

Yes. After your initial service is paid in full, you have the option to be billed for any ongoing service thereafter.

What payment options are available for me to pay for

We accept checks, cash or Paypal online.

How can I notify you if I wish to cancel my service?

You can notify us in writing or by phone 24 hours a day via

I am a former customer. Can I reinstate my

Yes.  If you’re a former
customer in good standing with no  outstanding balance to your account we will be
happy to reinstate your service.

Do you also provide termite service?

No.  We only specialize in home/office pest management

Can you provide me with a wood infestation report?

No.  We’re not licensed in the control of wood destroying
organisms.  You will have to contact your termite company.

Pest Product Safety

What products do you use?

We use a variety of professional products that are too numerous to
list here but Bifen IT and Dragnet are very commonly used.

Are the products that you use safe to
use around humans, pets or

Yes. However, it has to be applied in accordance to the label.
All products have a certain level of toxicity.  It’s the dose
that determines the toxicity.

Do I have to leave my home at the time of service for

No.  It is safe to be inside your
home at the time of a general pest management service.

What do I do if any of the products you use come
in contact with my skin?

Wash it with soap and water.  Most pest products have no or a low toxicity on skin contact.

Are product labels available for my review?

Yes.  At the time of this f.a.q. publishing, they’re not posted
online but we intend to publish product labels in the future.
Until then, please call us if you have a question.

Service Questions

Do you service for fleas?


Do you service for rats & mice?


Do you service for squirrels, raccoons or other

No. Wildlife
isn’t in the same category as household pests. 

Can you treat my yard for mosquitoes and/or ticks?    

No. Mosquitoes are airborne and can come from long distances away.
Ticks hitchhike onto a host from wooded areas.  Both of these
pests are rarely found inside the home. 

My AC/Heating service person has informed me that
ants have shorted out a capacitor in my unit.  Can you prevent
this from happening in the future?

Yes.  With cooperation from a homeowner by moving debris and
brush from around the unit, we use a product to repel them from the

Pest Questions

Where are the pests coming from that I’m
seeing in my home? 

Exterior sources such as mulch areas,
compost and underground colonies.  (just to name a few)

What can I do to prevent pests from coming inside my

Doors and windows are the most common entry
points for pests to get inside.  Make sure those areas are
properly sealed with weather stripping and similar products.

I live in a townhome.  Are the pest problems I’m
having coming from my neighbor?

No.  The only exception is when there’s a problem that is
originating inside that neighbor’s home.

Is it possible to bring pests into your home from
plants, furniture, boxes, or grocery bags?   


Can I still have pest problems in the winter?

Yes.  In our area of central Alabama the cold weather is not as
consistent as it is in other parts of the country.

I keep having small insect bites on my feet and ankles
but can’t see any type of pests.  What are they?

Dust Mites.  However they don’t actually bite.  They
produce allergens and/or skin reactions  that resemble bites.

I’m having a big problem with small, light brown,
roaches in my kitchens and bathrooms.
  Why is this problem so

Because they’re likely to be German Cockroaches.
They reproduce  very quickly and in large numbers.

Do Carpenter Ants eat wood?

No.  They just infest wood that has a high moisture content or
is water damaged.

I‘m having a sudden surge of ladybugs in my home.
Why are they coming in and how can I keep them out?

These occasional invaders are attracted to light and venture out
in full sunlight.  Seal any cracks around doors and windows.

I’m seeing pests inside my home but they’re
dead.  Should I call for a re-service?

Most of the time, the answer is no.  The reason being, that
homes are not completely sealed air tight and pests will come inside.
Pest Control products don’t instantly kill or repel pests.  It
takes time for them to come in contact with products.  There
are a few exceptions.  If the dead pests that you are seeing
are unusually large in number, please contact us.