I started having problems with large roaches in the
living room and downstairs.  I called several local companies and I
could not get one to quote me price over the phone.  When I called
ETX they quoted me a reasonable price and scheduled the service the next

My technician arrived on time and was very helpful.  He was very
thorough servicing my home and recommended certain things that I could
do to minimize the problems that I was having.  I’ve been using ETX
for over 10 years now.  I am very happy doing business with them.

Carrie Rogers, Homewood

Good Service, Friendly attitude.  Will use again.                                     M. Young, Maylene

My last pest control company used to show up late for appointments and acted as if they were doing me a favor by showing up at all.  After using ETX for over 4 years now, I have no intentions of using anyone else.  They’re a small company with a friendly attitude that actually appreciates their customers.            Stephanie White, Homewood

Over the last several years that I have lived in the Birmingham Area, I
have employed the services of 3 pest control companies.  I have
never had a severe problem with bugs but felt the need to have a service
to prevent any problems.

The first two companies that I hired would send a different technician
to my home every quarter my house was serviced.  I was never
comfortable with that because I never got a chance to get to know who
was coming to my house.  They never showed up when they said they
we’re going to either.  What’s was even more discouraging was that
they acted like they didn’t really care if I did business with them or

At my last attempt to hire a company to service my home, my next door
neighbor gave me the number to ETX.  I called them, received a quarterly
pest control quote over the phone and scheduled an appointment the next
day.  I have had no problems or hassles over the years I have been doing
business with them.  They are friendly and considerate.  Also, the same
technician comes out every quarter to service my home.  I am very
satisfied with my service.
Mike Friedman,  Hoover

Took care of my problem and was on time.                                               Jason, Hoover

I’ll never call the big companies again.  I like the friendly attitude and the service with care.                       Angela Thomas, Bham

No more bug problems.  Your service is exactly what I needed.                     Christie Meyer,  Hoover

 I recieved a quote over the phone without any runaround or having to wait.                                              Thanks, Carol Cruze

We haven’t had any problems since we started using your service.  It’s nice to let someone els worry about it.                                           Susan Patrick,  Bluff Park