pest control service for roaches in Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia, Pelham, Helena, Alabaster.

If you live in Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia and other surrounding areas, you’ve probably noticed mid to large size roaches in your home during warmer months or even when we have a spike of warm weather during the winter time.  I’ve often been asked by my customers if these are the type of roaches in Alabama that establish large infestations inside the home and are difficult to eliminate.

The short answer to that question is no because what we’re dealing with here is outdoor roaches and not the “hitchhiker” (also known as German cockroaches) that are mostly found in restaurants and storage facilities.  The two most common types of roaches are smokybrown and palmetto roaches.  They’re similar in appearance and size.  The fall more into the occasional invader category because when come inside your home, they’re looking for food and moisture.

Smokybrown cockroaches found in Hoover, Homewood and surrounding areas

Smokybrown cockroaches found in Hoover, Homewood and surrounding areas

They prefer dark and damp areas which are often crawl spaces and basements.  The most common entry points are doors and windows.  Mulch areas and heavy brush too close to your home are often the causes of them coming inside.  To minimize this you want to keep brush trimmed enough so that they’re not so overgrown that they touching windows and doors.  It’s also better to have much areas farther away from your home as opposed to being right up against the foundation wall.

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