carpenter ants

I provide a quarterly pest service for a company that owns a town home in Vestavia.  It’s actually used as temporary housing for employees who come into town for training with the company.  I serviced it today because of a report of large black ants inside and out.

It turns out that they were carpenter ants.  Many of my customers that have had problems with carpenter ants in Alabama over the years have inquired about them and how they were concerned about structural damage to their homes.  Fortunately, carpenter ants don’t consume wood as termites do.

carpenter ants in alabama

Carpenter ants don’t consume wood, they just infest water damaged wood and wood with a high moisture content

They do however, infest wood that has been water damaged and/or has a high moisture content.  As far as the town home is concerned, it has both.  The siding on the rear is a composite wood product and then there’s a utility room with water damage that’s destroyed the ceiling. 

I also haven’t mentioned the fact that the town home gets very little sunlight because it’s shaded by numerous trees.  Having all of these conditions are very conducive to carpenter ants.  I suggested that my contact person notify the company about the existing problems.

If you’re seeing carpenter ants in or outside your home, be on the look out for water damaged wood near your home.  It’s more common than you think and fixing those problems may save you a lot of time and money in the future.

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