It’s not really what you think.  A customer of mine relayed a story that a friend of hers told her had  happened over the weekend.  She was having lunch and watching tv in her living room when she looked to her left and noticed a large spider had crawled up on the arm rest of the chair she was sitting in.

She immediately freaked out, screamed and jumped up out of the chair without any regard to the hot soup, ice tea, sandwich and chips that occupied the tray sitting in her lap.  She immediately grabbed the first weapon she could find, which was unfortunately an iron fireplace poker and swung it at the chair with reckless abandon.

To the spiders good fortune, she missed it with every swing and all she managed to do was burn her foot with hot soup, make a huge mess on the floor and put a small tear in her recliner.  Although not a pleasant site, the bite of a wolfe spider is not highly toxic or a medical threat to humans.

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A Common wolfe spider found around central Alabama

Spiders fall into the occasional invader category when comes to entering your home.  They’re not even classified as an insect.  They’re actually arachnids (eight legs as opposed to an insects six legs).

They feed off of insects and small animals.  If they don’t find a food source and moisture they can’t survive.  The best way to control them in your home is to minimize insect activity and seal up cracks in your home which are often around doors and windows.

I suppose if my customer’s friend would have just known these few facts, she could have saved herself a lot of hassle.

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